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Live slide sharing is an up-and-coming trend definitely worth looking into for any event that heavily relies on presentations.

Even the most informative and engaging presentations can be improved through the use of slide sharing, which sets out to take audience engagement and connection to a whole new level. It’s all about taking the slides off the big screen and putting them – quite literally – into the hands of your audience.

So what exactly does slide sharing entail, and what are the potential benefits for meeting planners?

What is it?

There is a growing range of apps and software that enable live slide sharing – that is, making a presentation’s slides directly accessible on audience members’ mobile devices.

Any guest with a internet-enabled smartphone or tablet can access the slides and have them open right in front of them. In this way, the audience can follow the presentation more closely, consuming the content more thoroughly, and flick back to earlier slides that piqued their interest.

The capabilities of some of the software on the market mean that the power isn’t entirely taken out of the speaker’s hands. There can be limits or restrictions placed on the audience’s access to the slides – for example, they may only be able to view the slides that have already been presented on the big screen, preventing them from skipping ahead and viewing content in advance.

While still yet to hit the mainstream in terms of uptake, live slide sharing has many obvious applications and advantages for event presentations.

The uses of the technology

This sort of technology could prove immensely convenient for audiences in particular, as it allows them to follow along with the presentation at their own pace. They can keep track on the big screen as it happens, while referring back to earlier content on their mobile devices as necessary.

Additional features, such as the ability to make notes and comments onto the slides, can add another touch of personalisation to the event.

Perhaps one of the most promising benefits of slide sharing is the enormous boost to audience engagement and interaction it can bring. Live polls and surveys can be integrated into the slides, for instance, so users can provide real-time input as the presentation progresses.

Audience members can thus connect directly with the speaker, even sending questions through their mobile device. A feedback survey can also be delivered at the end of the presentation to instantly gauge audience response.

Given the increasing focus being placed on engaging and interacting with event guests, live slide sharing could indeed be a hot trend to keep an eye on this year. 


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