All the members of our team have extensive knowledge of hotels in Amsterdam as well as the rest of the country and we are more than happy to provide you with accommodation suggestions which fit your requirements, as well as your budget.

When searching for the right venue for a conference, we look at aspects such as location within the city, capacity, proximity to hotel (when the conference is not being held within the hotel itself) and facilities.Beurs-van-Berlage-prorail-congres-grote-zaal.jpg

Logistical organisation
We can help you manage and plan certain logistical aspects of a conference. For example, we can help you transport and deliver products and materials (i.e. badges), as well as store them and assure their safety until they are distributed.

The process of organising a conference can be time consuming and stressful, therefore we can help you with certain activities such as supplying badges for the conference delegates. When badges are required in combination with online registration, the actual registration acts as a database, already including the data required for the badges.

Online tools and development of the following services:

Event website
As an additional service, we offer to help set up an event website. We are not an IT company, but we work with experts in the field who can comply with your instructions and design set-up.

Online registration
Supporting you with online registration is also something that we can do. We can deliver the type of registration you want built into a website.

Online payment in foreign currencies
We can also construct the option for conference delegates to register for the conference online and pay for it by using online tools. The payment option can also be done in foreign currencies.

When we support you with online tools and development, we can assist you from start to finish, meaning we can help design and build up the event website and carry on the process until invoicing.Zilveren Toren 6.jpg

E-commerce social media
Over the past few years, social media has had a huge impact not only on our personal lives, but also on our professional ones. By incorporating social media into your conference you can use it as a tool to reach participants, but also to add an interactive dimension to it. In basic terms, using e-commerce social media means using social networks in the context of e-commerce transactions. We can assist you with adding social sharing and other social media functionality into your website.

Congress applications on mobile devices
Using an event app can transform the traditional experience of attending a conference. Implementing the latest mobile technology can lead to a faster, digital and interactive onsite tool which the participants can use to navigate the event and receive more information and updates. We work with IT experts which can create such an app for your conference, and they can make sure to include all the requests that you have regarding the use of the app.